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Securing Capital For A New Business

Let's be honest here. Many people want to become entrepreneurs but many people have limited capital when they get started. The good news is that limited capital makes you keep an open mind when starting a business. It allows you to put in a lot of sweat equity first before spending your business' capital. However, you will soon need capital in order to buy ads and equipment that will scale your business. Where are you going to get that capital from? That is what this article is for. In this article, I am going to be breaking down how to get capital as well as how to secure it.

Save on your own

This is the most practical because it is the one that you have the most control over. In order for yourself to accomplish this goal, you have to start setting aside money each and every single month. My recommendation would be budgeting. You have to budget when starting a business if you want to fund it all yourself. You also have to really know what everything is going to actually cost. Factor all of these expenses into your budget. These can be startup costs, production costs, maintenance, and many others. In your personal life, you may want to get rid of all extra spending. These extra dollars that you are putting towards useless nights out could really affect your business over the long haul. All in all, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Get money from people you know

Before going to a bank to take out a loan, I would recommend getting some business partners that are interested in your business as much as you are. When you own a partnership rather than a sole proprietorship or single member LLC, you can bounce ideas off of each other and make things work together. I a lot of cases, business partners have skills that you lack and vice versa. As far as getting money from people you know, I would particularly stay away from family and friends. Even though they may be supportive of your business model, a lot of emotions come in to play when you are dealing with their money. They may want to take that money out of the company which would spell disaster for your business. All in all, be smart when doing business with other people.

Take out a loan

This would be my last resort, especially with high interest rate loans and loans that are gigantic. As Mark Cuban advises, he would never ever start a new business using a loan. He recommends using sweat equity, the thing that I talked about in the previous section. If your new business fails and you took out a loan, you have to pay that money back plus interest. The absolute only time I would recommend taking out a loan would be on a preexisting business that you already are very knowledgeable about. For example, a pizzeria owner might take out another loan to start another pizzeria, adding to his multiple pizzerias around town. Why might this work? Because he is already very familiar with the market and how the business model works. Therefore, he dramatically lowers his risk of losing the money. If you do decide to take out a loan, I would recommend going with a credit union. These loans generally have a lower interest rate than bank loans do.

All in all, starting a new business is tough for every area of your life. I hope these methods help you with financing your business.

Know your investment

Before getting into a business model, you want to know exactly what you are investing in. If you don't, you won't be able to secure your capital over the long haul. This can be dangerous especially if you are dealing with other peoples money. By knowing your investment and mitigating your risk, you ultimately gain control which is what every business owner wants. A great example of this would be ad spend. A newbie internet marketer isn't going to put $200 a day down on Facebook ads on his first day of business. Why? Because he doesn't know what he is doing investment-wise. If he was to do that, all it would do is discourage him. Instead, he might put a simple $20 to $25 dollars down on ad spend, allocating $5 towards each of his five ads. See the difference? One is like gambling and the other one is risk mitigation. All in all, don't go wasting capital at the start of your venture, especially if it is other people's money.


Once you have demonstrated your ability to effectively and efficiently secure your capital and grow it over the long run, I would reinvest the majority of my profits. In other words, my money will be making me money. This is very possible with current online business models. A lot of expert internet marketers know how much it is to get a lead and they know how much each lead is worth to them. When you know those two things, you will be able to scale your business dramatically. Don't by the fancy watch or luxury car when you start to make some serious dough. Instead, reinvest it back into the business so that you can grow it even more.

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